Sharing who we are ...

Welcome to Moxviquil, "Encuentro de Caminos"

Each of the people we got to this space, we are on our way personal search, we recognize wonderful things in the world and we also recognize that there are others who would like to change; and we have seen, to work with people and accompany them in their search processes and growth, it is a way to transform the environment for good.



Consolidation of a training space and training of human resources
conservation and sustainable development by offering quality services to various
state institutions and organizations and Southwest Mexico.

Training Center for Sustainability Moxviquil It is composed of 30 people, who work as professionals, technicians and community workers and administrative staff. We process s facilitators trained in medicine, sexology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, biology, agronomy, forestry, Education, Environmental Education, Sustainable Development.

We also have a team partner @ s @ s extern, composed of 30 people from various organizations in Chiapas and other parts of the country.

Currently the Training Center for Sustainability Moxviquil It consists of five areas:

    1. Administration (Coordination of activities, resources and projects)
    2. Services (Leasing of space, logistics, food request)
    3. school services (Reports, income, and titration procedures)
    4. Environmental education (Formation processes and accompaniment of schools)
    5. Capacity Building (Projects and programs participatory teaching and learning)



Center for Environmental Education and Culture (visits, workshops)




Training programs (courses, diploma)




Botanical Garden (Visits)




Rent Space - Training




Degrees - Masters


Speaking of Moxviquil

One of the most frequently asked questions we face we work here is: what Moxviquil mean?

Moxviquil in language Tsotsil means 'Catgut' which it is a very literal translation in the territorial context means 'Crossing or meeting of paths'. For them we must go back to pre-Hispanic times and know that Moxviquil occupies an area of ​​housing settlement and ritual of the ancient Maya; and since that time, it was a place where traders were passing nearby villages, bringing to exchange their products to the city center.

If you want to know more about the ancient inhabitants of this area, you might want to approach the Museo Na BolomWhere you will find archeological pieces and a little story.

If you want to know the history of the Training Center for Sustainability Moxviquil, I invite this anywhere near our Timeline.


Strengthen individual and collective capacities through training processes, educational materials and comprehensive services that promote equity in diversity and social participation, to achieve actions that transform the socio-environmental environment.